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Encounter 2016, Germany

Praise God who blessed our young people once again through his powerful word and spirit. We are very grateful that Encounter 2016 has helped some 140 young people to understand the reality and nature of the kingdom of God. The 2 final days brought again deep Bible study, clear messages, and testimonies to God’s grace. […]


Dr. Samuel A. Lee: The bible of my father

Dr. Samuel A. Lee: The bible of my father

This message is also translated into German. This is the written down text of the freely speeched message. The slides are shown within the text at approximate place where they were shown. Dr. Samuel A. Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign I’m very happy to be in the Land of Goethe, Beethoven, and Luther. I’m […]


America Visit Report by Moody Park

I will forever remember the Founders day of 2011. Missionary Paul Koh invited me, so I could visit America by God’s grace. I will report on my visit in three parts: 1) The Angels of LA; 2) The Founders Day Mission Report; 3) The Warriors of Faith and Soldiers of Christ in Chicago chapter. Part […]

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1 Samuel Lection 1 “God Looked upon Hannah’s Misery”

God Looked upon Hannah’s Misery 1 Samuel       1:1 – 2:11 Key Verse                  1:11 * Hannah’s  prayer and the birth of Samuel (1:1-18) 1.   Describe Elkanah‘s family. What does this family show about the life in those days? (Judg 21:25; 1 Sam 3:16) When were the most difficult times for Hannah?  What did she do in […]

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Opening Message by Shep. Dr. Samuel H. Lee

Opening Message by Shep. Dr. Samuel H. Lee

Hello! Good evening! Welcome to the 2009 European Summer Bible Conference. Let us turn to our neighbors and say, “Welcome!” “Nice to meet you!” We are so happy to be here. THE HOPE OF GOD Key verses : Exodus 19:5,6 “Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations […]